Women of the World – Freedom under the Veil

Saturday, 29.11.2019, 14:00
Filmforum at Museum Ludwig

Television report, D 1980, 43 min.
Director: Gordian Troeller, Marie-Claude Deffarge

In a series of extraordinary ARD TV reports, the Luxembourg journalist, photographer and documentary filmmaker Gordian Troeller portrays activists of the “global South”. Having already devoted two films to the social upheavals in Iran, the multiple Grimme Prize winner meets Iranian professors, women’s rights activists, workers and peasant women in 1980 with his partner Marie-Claude Deffarge – active participants in the revolution, still full of energy and the hope that they can maintain and strengthen their socially active role.



Gordian Troeller
Gordian Troeller (1917-2003) from Luxembourg and Marie-Claude Deffarge (1924-1984) from France set standards with over 80 documentaries and photo reportages. Their analysis of postcolonial power relations remains topical.