The Red Line (Khateh Ghermez)

Sunday, 1.12.2019, 20:00
Filmforum at Museum Ludwig

Feature film, IR 1982, 112 min.
Director: Massoud Kimiai
With: Saeed Wheel, Farimah Farjami, Kurosh Afsharpanah, Irish, Khosrow Shakibai 

Amani, member of the SAVAK – the Shah’’s secret police – marries Laleh, a doctor who takes care of the injured revolutionaries. When Amani secretly reports Laleh’s brother to the authorities, she becomes suspicious of him and starts investigating her husband. Despite its prorevolutionary statement, “The Red Line” was censored and has only been officially shown for a few years. The script was written by Bahram Beizai, also a pioneer of the Iranian “Nouvelle Vague”. Khosrow Shakibai (1944-2008), later one of the most popular Iranian actors, had his first small cinema role in this film.

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Massoud Kimiai (*1941 in Teheran)
In 1968 his revenge drama “Qaysar” depicted the working class for the first time in a cinematically appealing form. At the age of 27 Kimiai became the shooting star of Iranian cinema, which he shaped for more than two decades. Films such as “Reza motori” (1970) and “Dash akol” (1971) feature a dynamic, modern camera, while at the same time emphasizing the traditional values of the lower middle class: honor, loyalty, friendship and revenge.