Conversation with Revolution (Goftegoo ba Enghelab)

Wednesday, 27.11.2019, 17.30
Café Schallplatte

Documentary, Iran 2011, 30 min.

Director: Robert Safarian

The media images of the 1979 revolution are derived from a few sources that are repeatedly rearranged – and can reveal hidden stories and people. Safarian takes a personal look at the events, their cinematic presentation and the concept of revolution in general: his work coincided with the “Arab Spring” in Egypt and Tunisia. Safarian recognized the same gestures, behavior and signs: “Crowds fill the streets, burning tires, cars and buildings; fists, slogans, guns: This is nothing more than a revolution that repeats itself over and over again.” “Conversations with a Revolution” sets out to fathom what the photos and films are really about, what they show exactly.

Followed by a salon talk with the filmmaker.